Issue 9 Could 'Dis Be Cane Shum A Different View Of Keynsham July 2004
The Monthly Moan - with Anna Cacia-Court

Apparently, 'being old' is the new 'being young'...
Apparently, 'being old' is the new 'being young'...
Anna Cacia-Court - click for biography GREETINGS MY dears. The Cacia-Court household has enjoyed a delightful weekend of dancing, drinking and chilling out. Hot on the muddy heels of that pop-tastic, pleasurable and popular festival, Pilton, the Could ‘Dis Be Cane Shum Team and many others of our dear town came forth to the Memorial Park and joyfully indulged in that most exuberant of events in the Cane Shum community calendar - the ‘Cane Shum Music Fest’.

For one day in the year the town’s Park becomes awash with vivid colours, succulent smells and tantalising tastes. Blended with exotic sounds from across the world and fused with local artists and musicians performing with fantastic talent. Not only that, but revellers young and old could explore their creative abilities in a variety of crafts or wicked workshops with the African drumming and Rhythm projects, belly and bollywood dancing. Respect to all those lovely people who signed the cheque for this one. Well done!

WHAT’S UP with the lift in Scummerfields? For weeks now a notice has been on the door informing punters of imminent repair. A more suspicious mind would enquire as to the goings on behind this irritating inconvenience. Are they discouraging elderly customers, also parents with pushchairs and wheelchair users? Only the young, free and single are welcome. Maybe the council has given a family of refugee’s temporary accommodation. Or perhaps it’s just the tight fisted bastards of Soul Sucking Scummerfields are just too tight to fix it.
So it would seem that some people in the Riverside offices are thinking of community spirit, bringing the townsfolk together and letting them celebrate all things Cane Shum. However, there would appear to be a few short-sighted, uncaring, ego-driven members of the council, concerned mostly with their own self-importance.

We know these parasites exist, festering within the walls of BANES. The result of Temple Primary being shifted up to Keynsham Primary shows just how rotten these barbaric beaurocrats are. The council, without hesitation, encouraged a new nursery building on Keynsham Primary’s site, therefore enlarging the capacity of the school to make way for a vast intake of pupils. On the face of it, the council already decided the fate of this situation but thought that patronising the parents of Temple with a drip feed of optimism in the possibility of achieving a new school on the St. Johns Court site would pacify them for a little while. Well done BANES, top marks for insulting these decent, tax paying folk!

With that in mind, friends on Sherwood Road are at odds with these same ‘Dementors’, trying to preserve a small piece of green where their children meet with friends and play in safety. Young and old within its locality enjoy this piece of land known as the ‘Rec’. Naturally the community is devastated with BANES’ recommendation to build a ‘Care Village for the Elderly’ on the ‘Rec’. Hawthorns house and 24 homes will be bulldozed to clear the way for this proposal.

'Get orf my bloody laaaaaaaaaaand you little morons. And you pesky kids, you can 'oppit as well' 'Get orf my bloody laaaaaaaaaaand you little morons. And you pesky kids, you can 'oppit as well'
DOES ANYONE else find ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’ of the Ceebeebies channel, disturbingly cheesy?
If this project succeeds, many elderly residents could face huge upheaval which will cause a great deal of distress. Sadly it would seem that as usual, with all things planning related, the community is the last to know. The residents are in the dark and feel BANES haven’t communicated with them regarding their proposals. What are they supposed to think when a care home in Bathford is closed to fund this ‘Elderly Village’?

We are now forced to ask ourselves how safe are our ‘greens’ and park lands, however small? Where are the children supposed to play? Are they all to be herded into parks designed by stuffy, middle aged imbeciles, designated only for youngsters, segregating generations? Whatever next? Anna Cacia-Court

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