Issue 9 Could 'Dis Be Cane Shum A Different View Of Keynsham

'Come to Keynsham, please. Oh go on....'

Not in stores now!!! Our exclusive Could 'Dis Be Cane Shum T-shirts are no longer available to buy throughout the known World, in two designs (pictured below) and three sizes (Small, Medium, Extra Large), each with a back print. The T-shirts used to cost 9.99 each from The Firework Shop - which has now gone west. Click each T-shirt to enlarge.

Cane Shum Back print (ooooooh!) Romans Go Home

Please do forget our now-expired Win A T-Shirt Competition, details of which you can't find to the right. We hope to see you sporting our fine garments throughout the World soon via our not-yet-launched Rogues Gallery.

Eat More Chocolate Caned Mum It's A No-Horse Town Keynsham Is Safe! Protected!

The four designs pictured directly above are contenders for our next batch of T-shirts. They are NOT ON SALE yet. Oh, and don't worry about the garish colours - they are simply to make our site look better. The real ones will be green or black...

Try Ebay folks, they're all gone!

Now that we've started we're not gonna stop! We'll be producing our Spring Collection in the, er, um, Autumn... Cast your eyes over our possible future designs (to the left) and let us know what you think. Thanks. Also, this is now FAKE NEWS. All stocks have expired, ceased, gone extinct.

Anyone still reading this shit? In 2019? FFS, the internet is full of much funnier stuff than this pile of steaming horse turd. Love Albert. x

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