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The Tailrace    The Tailrace
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Pronunciation: 'tal-,ras → Function: noun → Definition: The part of a millrace below the water wheel through which the spent water flows.

Building A Bridge To Our Hearts
State: Dreaming
Echo Viaduct - click to enlarge
Echo Viaduct (click to enlarge)
So, there I was, sat in the garden, enjoying the May sunshine and the smell of distant bonfires, when I had a thought. A silly, selfish, hopeless thought that wouldn't go away. What if Keynsham came into some cash? Big cash. Kind of a Euromillions 10-week rollover amount. And what if, let's say, someone took a wiiiild punt and stuck the lot on a 33-1 long shot in the 2:25 at Kempton Park. And won.

Picture the scene - the entire population of Keynsham, all bloated out from eating and drinking too much at the celebration do in the River Suite, wondering how to spend it all. Well, once I'd settled my outstanding libel damages and patched up the elbows on my favourite sports jacket, I'd go about sprucing up the High Street. Give it a lick of paint, chip off the render to reveal the limestone shop frontages, that kind of thing.

And then I'd get to the park and think: "Bloody Echo Bridge™, looks shite, lets have it bashed down and replaced." With what? I hear you ask. With a bloody great four-lane viaduct just like Pensford's, but loads better and safe to use. That's what. I reckon it would make our town look magnificent.

So, what I want to know is this: How much would it cost to do that? Seriously, how much? There has got to be someone out there in reader land who prices up bricks and wood and whatnot for a living. I'm not asking for a detailed quote or a starting date or anything daft, just a ballpark figure to build a viaduct out of stone to carry the by-pass over the River Chew. If anyone has the remotest clue, drop me a line, I'd love to know, really. I'd be well up for doing a sponsored walk to start raising the money for that Euromillions ticket.

Until next time. Be good. Albert. x

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