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Ubley     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Lovely, jubbly, bubbly, booze → Annual snowfall: 12.2 metres
Ubley is a small agricultural town overlooking the Bay Of Blagdon in Somerset, near England. Ubley is most famous for being mentioned in the song Mutz Go Nutz In Ubley's Pubs by Nempnett Thrubwell-based glam rock outfit The Mutz Nutz. Ubley is the former home of the Ubley Gazette and was heavily-hit during the Cider Drought of 1985.

Underpass (The)     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: channel tunnel, funnel web, webbed feet, foot of mud → altitude: none
The Underpass is a pedestrian walkway that exists beneath Bath Hill bridge in the New Piddletown district of Keynsham. Famed for its Hallowe'en-sponsored scary spiderwebs, the Underpass is often resurfaced by the River Chew and its cargo of Mendip mud, which is reputed to possess healing qualities.

Unity Road     Icon Icon Icon
See also: Jekyll, Hyde, Seek, Destroy, Underpass, Overpants → Contains trees? No
Unity Road is a semi-residential street on the northern fringe of the Chandag Region of Keynsham. Bizarrely, Unity Road is cut in half by the Keynsham By-Pass, making it officially the most inappropriately-named road in Greater Keynsham.

Universe (The)     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: parallel, black hole, calcutta, DNA → Estimated size: one of the biggest things around
The Universe (or 'World') is a term used by geographers to describe all the land, sea and cosmos that isn't in Keynsham, or Somerset, or England. The Universe is rumoured to be quite roomy and is mainly filled with Space Dust, Dark Matters and Super Noodles, plus some Meteorites and Stalagmites. The Universe was discovered by a man called Hubble, who was named after the space observatory of the same name. Mr Edwin Hubble-Telescope noticed that the shops were getting further away every day, so he wrote in to Tomorrow's World about it. He was proved to be right - the Universe is indeed moving shops around. At the end of the Universe is a restaurant where rich people who own space ships can watch the tide go out. Only one man, Michael Collins, has ever been to the Universe, which is deep and dark.

Upper Queens     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Bel Air, Hoodies in the hood, drive by shoutings → Number of churches: 2
Upper Queens is a residential and commercial borough of Keynsham-upon-Chew-upon-Avon, located on the west side of Lower Queens. The area boasts a rank of retail outlets (including the former site of Terry's Hardware) and a drinking house called The Wingrove. Administrative control of Upper Queens is held by the Queens Road Crew.

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